Activated Charcoal &
Prickly Pear Body Scub


Activated charcoal binds with dirt and pollutants on your skins so they can be safely washed away. Mineral rich Rhassoul Clay binds with toxins and impurities on the skin to give you a fresh start. With the most Vitamin E than any other beauty oil and bursting with essential fatty acids, Prickly Pear oil is perfect for rejuvenating all skin types.

100% natural, paraben & SLS free, no plastic microbeads, never tested on animals, & vegan friendly.


You’ve gotta rub yourself up the right way if you want to boss the scrub.

  • 1) Get naked. Yep, Scrub Love works best in the shower or tub.
    Grab a handful of scrub and gently rub it into your skin (little circles rule) – no need to go too hard, though – our sweet ingredients and natural oils help make your skin super glowy.
  • 2) Got five? Leave the scrub on for as long as you can to give your skin life.
  • 3) Rinse off and then swoon over how soft and amazing your skin looks and feels.
  • 4) Keep your Scrub Love handy in the bathroom – use three to four times a week for reach-out-and-touch-me skin.

Highly caffeinated.

Body scrubs made from 100% natural, organic ingredients that will banish blemishes then target stretch marks, cellulite and anything else you throw at them - to give you a gorgeous glow. Are you ready to feel the love?

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